Saracen Fire Protection Ltd provides a refreshingly different fire extinguisher service conforming to British Standards BS5306.

We charge a flat rate for each extinguisher which includes all small spares; Tamper Indicators, Gauge Patch and O Rings.  Large spare and replacement extinguishers are charge able, price list is available on request.

Saracen Fire Protection Ltd supply and install Fire Extinguishers for the following classifications:

A   wood, paper and textiles
B   flammable liquids
C   flammable gases
D   Metal
E   cooking oil and fat fires

Electrical fires do not have a separate classification as they come under all of the above. We do recommend A CO2 extinguisher for tackling such a fire. Water extinguishers can be used but only if a power supply has been isolated which, in an emergency, is not always easy to ascertain.

Our on-site assessment will determine how many, and the type, of fire extinguishers you require.

Why are there different types of fire extinguisher?

All of our fire extinguishers are accompanied by an appropriate fire extinguisher ID signs. These signs indicate the type of extinguisher and give instructions about the use of the specific extinguisher. They are required by law and included in the original quote.

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