With crime rates rapidly rising, CCTV is becoming an increasingly important tool to protect homes, businesses and public places.

At Saracen Fire Protection Ltd we can provide CCTV with a difference. Following a site survey, the security team at Saracen Fire Protection will recommend an appropriate system for the property. We professionally install CCTV systems in all buildings, including listed buildings. 

We use IP CCTV systems as they are manufactured to the highest quality, conform to British Standards BS7858 and have the benefits of: 

  • An unrivalled standard of picture quality (The mp camera is over 9x sharper than a high-resolution analogue camera)
  • Playback zoom – 70%
  • A decentralised processing system
  • Financial savings (A 1.3mp camera can take the place of 2 or 3 analogue cameras! This is because the IP Cameras have a much wider field of view, so, you only require one camera to do the same job that multiple analogue cameras would be needed to do)
  • Reduces the rates of anti-social behaviour, shrinkage, customer and staff theft and burglary
  • Remote monitoring and operation (so you don’t have to be on your premises to activate or view your CCTV)

The quality of our IP camera’s far exceeds the technical ability of the analogue cameras.

analoge vs ip

How else could video analytics benefit your business?

With technology rapidly advancing, the use of CCTV is not limited to security purposes. Video analytics software can be installed to monitor people counting, heat mapping and queue management – This is particularly useful to aid marketing activities for retailers.

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